Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing's prominence in an increasingly online world has put it at the center of all business activities. However, this approach of Digital marketing is often misunderstood for online promotion. Similar to offline businesses, there are different approaches to defining your business online. Services range from executing a simple web tagline; planning a year long calendar of activities that help define your online Avatar; set-up interactive customer service channels with realistic response & feedback mechanisms; and social media management.

As the client's technology partner, we ensure that the brand’s digital footprint is thought through and targeted. We work with our clients to scope out actionable digital milestones. Digital Marketing Services offered by Beyond Evolution include:

  • Brand audit
  • Proposed Brand online presence
  • Digital calendar development and management
  • Content design, development, execution and tracking
  • Posters, gifs, presentations, social media banners, videos
  • Social media account set-up
  • Campaign management
  • Digital PR and influencer promotions
  • SEO/ SMO optimisation
  • Social media optimisation- Facebook ads, TikTok ads, and Google Ads
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