E-Commerce Portals

Cross platform commerce experiences for a single product, service site or a multi-brand online store.

Why should an enterprise invest in a digital commerce solution for the growth of their business? Here are few answers:

  • Ease of ordering, delivery, record keeping and after sales support for the existing customers; Gaining faster and easier access to new customers;
  • Preparing business for the future by predicting the trend & demand, saving costs in brick and mortar assets, improving efficiency and a range of other benefits;
  • Real time interaction opportunities with customers and suppliers.

Beyond Evolution focuses on our client's customer data safety, financial security, and ease of operations while enabling e-shopping through product detailing, browsing, sales and after sales experience in an extremely user friendly manner.

Whether you are a single product or service site or a multi-brand online store, a properly designed ecommerce experience is critical to the success of your site. At Beyond Evolution, we are focused on the customer’s data safety, financial security, at the same time enable stellar e-shopping through product detailing, browsing, sales and after sales experience.

Beyond Evolution's approach to e-commerce is to operate as the client’s partner. We endeavour to ensure end to end delivery from converting business goals into actionable features, identifying digital touchpoints, ensuring intuitive browsing to a delightful sales experience.

We believe that e-commerce's next leap will come from inclusion of small and medium businesses as well individual producers for whom our team provides additional services such as designing, branding, product inventory, e-banking advisory, security and server support.

  • Specialised E-commerce Solutions
  • Store set-up- inventory management, product layout, e-cart, wishlist, payment gateways integration, checkout, automated sale & post sale communication (sms, email)
  • Wallet solution
  • Bluetooth device connectivity and management
  • E commerce App
  • Travel and tourism- Ticketing, Hotels booking
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