Smart Industry

Smart MSME

The Smart Plug developed by BETS and titled as "Betty" is a multi purpose solution device. It is also very useful for MSME segment of the industry.

It can monitor the performance of any manufacturing machines and production line that are powered by electricity. In doing so, it can indicate:

  • Healthy Operations
  • Power Consumption
  • Remote control of operations
  • Scheduled automated Switch On/ Off of the systems
  • Alerts for any excessive power consumption and can even alerts to predict imminent or future failures.
  • There can be many more alerts and automated controls.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, the latest technology domain, aimed at offering seamless, automated, end to end connectivity, monitoring and transmission of data, supported by data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enable better decision making and improving efficiency of individuals & organisations, providing total solutions to the entire range of user community viz. individual users, organisations of all sizes and dimensions- enterprise, industries, institutions and society or community groups. Underlying this domain is the need for expertise of software solutions, mobile applications, IoT solutions empowered with AI + ML and systems integration capabilities.

Beyond Evolution, with its experience and expertise in each of these domains and strong focus on research on cutting edge technologies, through partnership with academic & research institutions, enjoys pioneering and commanding solution developing and delivering capabilities. We offer seamless, automated, end to end connectivity, monitoring, transmission and analysis of data, supported by :

  • Data analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

These two technologies enable better decision making and improving efficiency of individuals & organisations. Provide total solutions to the entire range of user community viz. individuals, enterprise, industries, institutions and other community groups of society.

Underlying this domain is the years of experience & expertise of developing software solutions, mobile applications, Enterprise solutions and systems integration capabilities.

The solutions that can be addressed by Beyond Evolution within industry 4.0 domain encompass smart industry, smart village, smart cities and smart home solutions.

Our various achievements within this domain can be viewed here

B. Smart Irrigation

A project developed for a State Power Utility Company, primarily to address losses worth billions of dollars, faced by the company due to wastage of power by the farmers as a consequence of subsidy given to the farmers by the government for irrigation. This project was executed in partnership with AutoGrid Systems Inc.

The subsidy offered caused careless and excessive running of irrigation pumps lead to not only wastage of power, but the water as well as damage to soil. The Betty smart plug was customised to regulate power supply, acquire, transmit and analyse power usage data, get information about misuse, wastages but also identify faulty pumps.

C. Smart Crop Management

D. Smart Fertilizer / Pesticide Management

Smart Industry / Industry 4.0 Solutions

Smart Home Solution

Consulting on Smart Solutions

Digital Transformation

Benefits of Betty smart solutions:

Our smart solutions are designed to benefit farmers, Energy Providers and Industrial Units. The solution is being enhanced in scope to cover a wide range of nationwide "smart village solutions."

In particular our smart solutions provide the following:

  • Farmers: Optimize running of pumps at off peak hours enabling 50% subsidy savings;
  • Industrial Units: Optimize non-critical heavy load by analysing consumption data;
  • Residential: Remotely controlling/ scheduling of home-appliances e.g. ACs, geysers etc;

These controls help reduce power bills for consumers and also transmission capex.

Summary of Features

  • Remotely turn On-OFF appliance(s) across the grid from a central location;
  • Employ energy usage data for optimizing power supply & demand management across grid;
  • Determine energy requirement at last mile across state, cities & villages;
  • Use analytics for accurate demand prediction;
  • Prevent wastage of power subsidies by optimally supplying power during off peak hours to targeted segments like rural irrigation water pumps;
  • Flexibility for numerous upgrades and enhancements for variety of automated solutions for smart cities, smart villages, smart enterprises/organisations and smart industries;
  • Determine real time appliance wise household energy consumption.
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