Mobile App Development

Mobile Devices are gradually transforming people’s experiences into anytime-anywhere interactions and are becoming a new arena for attracting any and every aspect of people's day to day life, be it social, commercial, healthcare, entertainment, sports, knowledge, information or any other even special sciences like astrology, palmistry etc. Today each and every one, be it individual, enterprise or any other organisation feels lost to carry out their day to day business without the support of a Mobile App, which now have become all pervasive.

Beyond Evolution, with its ability to architect upon the most prolific mobile platforms (iOS, Android) develop Mobile Apps that help the client gain key competitive advantage in the market by uniquely highlighting the brand features and providing phenomenal user experience. Our expertise in responsive web design for Mobile App UI ensures the best possible user friendly experience.

Alongwith the customized Mobile Apps, we provide customer interface, database on cloud portal, data analytics and also back-end maintenance & support. Our expertise in hosting various services helps us support heavy-content apps.

Beyond Evolution is one of the pioneers in utility based high-end technology driven applications for mobile users such as high quality mobile data backup & restore, photo editing and sharing, encyclopedia, healthcare services etc.

Applications History

1. Global Applications : open to all

Secure Backup (ioS, Android)

Secure Backup was built as an end-to-end multi platform (Android, BlackBerry and iOS) mobile Data Backup on cloud solution for mobiles.It is a high utility service that lets customers backup & restore all their mobile data from anywhere and at any time.

It was one of the first applications in the world that encouraged two way communication with users having the ability to download as well as upload their files.

Beyond Evolution, with its ability to architect the most prolific mobile platforms delivers the customer requirements through mobile applications.
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Mobile Devices have transformed consumer experiences into anytime – anywhere interactions and are becoming a new arena for attracting and retaining profitable customer segments. 'Mobile Application Development' is now a critical competitive differentiator as sales transactions, customer services and mobile specific market campaigns continue to experience substantial growth.

Beyond Evolution with its ability to architect the most prolific mobile platforms (iOS & Android) delivers the customer requirements through mobile applications by putting the client's brand on the handsets of the defined audience. Along with the customized mobile app we provide both customer interface and back-end maintenance & support. Our expertise in hosting various services helps us support heavy-content apps. Our focus on responsive web design and mobile application ensures high quality applications.

Beyond Evolution is now engaged in addressing these interactions over Smartphone and Tablets cutting across a range of industries – Telecom, Travel, Entertainment, m-Governance and m- Education & Learning. This will help its customers in scaling their applications across user groups and mobile device types/platforms - Android, Blackberry and Java.

Mobile phone scroll which shows the mobile apps. Or can we do an explainer video of Honda Connect, Betty, and Air India to show key features.


  • Data Backup: Backs up all your mobile data i.e. Contacts, SMS/MMS, Photos, Video, Wall Papers, Ring Tones, etc. Secures all data automatically to a central repository server.
  • Data Restore: In case of loss of data or change of handset, restores data to a new mobile (regardless of handset model).
  • Data Share: Allows sharing of Photos, Videos.
  • Data Management: Via mobile or through a PC online.

2. My Moments! (ioS, Android)


An innovative Click & Share app for sharing photos & images in a fun way over the mobile via GPRS, SMS or email & on various social networking sites.


  • Editing: Allows a user to add various features to the image such as filtering, themes, adding voice message, creating collage etc.
  • Sharing: With My Moments,a user can share photos, images or albums with a particular person or a group of people.
  • Notifications: The recipients receive a wap link of the image via SMS, email or can directly view them on the application.

3. mSecure (Android, Symbian, Blackberry)

mSecure was designed as a Smartphone safeguard application that provides its users the ability to locate, track and erase data on their mobile phone in case it gets lost or stolen. With mSecure the users can remotely:

  • Lock Mobile Device: By sending a simple SMS from any other mobile
  • Locate mobile Device: Users can view their phone location on Google map with accuracy between 1m to 1 Km (depending upon type of the device (GPRS Strength/ GPS).
  • Track Phone Usage: If a new SIM is inserted in the stolen handset then the application informs the user about the new number and its call history.
  • Erase Data: As an ultimate safety measure to prevent misuse, it is possible to erase entire data on the phone.

4. Knowledge Store

Launched at the time when SMS & SMS based services formed more than 50% in any market, Knowledge Store provides information & general knowledge search service and responds to user queries using SMS as the prime medium.

Knowledge Store is powered by extensive research based resource providers and other internet sources for knowledge verticals like dictionaries, spell-checks and encyclopedias. Developments in mobile technologies have opened up new dimensions in learning and Beyond Evolution hopes to be a catalyst in bringing about a fusion of such emerging technologies with various knowledge repositories.

5. Calorie Meter

One of the first health applications, calorie meter was built as a comprehensive tool to keep users' calorie intake in check. Depending upon age, gender, height, and lifestyle habits, Calorie Meter helps in:

  • Estimating the total calories in a particular food item/beverage
  • Deducing a person's daily calorie requirement
  • Estimating the calories burned during various physical activities
  • Constituents of the recommended 'generic' medicine equivalent (example salt etc)

6. Facts Machine

Facts Machine was designed as a SMS driven information search service targeted at a wide cross section of users. Powered by extensive research based resource providers and other internet sources – an easily accessible one click archive.

7. Air India App

An App exclusively developed for Air India, for online bookings through mobile Features

8. Honda Connect App

A revolutionary App designed for Honda car customers. Built for engagement, improved service delivery, vehicle tracking & maintenance.

Impact Alert

Locate my Car

Share my Location

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Trip Analysis

9. 91 Mobiles App

91mobiles is India's top price comparison shopping app. Get best deals from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, Paytm , Shopclues and other online shopping apps.

10. Mudra App

91mobiles is India's top price comparison shopping app. Get best deals from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, Paytm , Shopclues and other online shopping apps.

IoT Based Applications

Betty Smart Plug Solution: This IoT device and solution was developed by Beyond Evolution under BeConnected as a specific brand name.

Beyond Evolution developed one of the first smart plugs in India brand named Betty. In the year 2016, we launched Betty, a plug-n-play device that lets people remotely operate and also monitor energy consumption of any appliance/equipment from the BeConnected mobile app or web URL from anywhere-any time.

Beyond Evolution is one of the first Indian companies to get into a direct to home IoT product. Betty was reviewed by leading print, television, and digital gadget influencers including NDTV Gadgets and received encouraging response from the startup ecosystem including being listed as ET 50 startups to watch out for in 2017.


  • Remotely control any appliance and receive notifications;
  • Control the appliances manually or by configuring an auto-scheduler;
  • Monitor energy consumption and savings;
  • Receive intruder and energy breach alerts using motion sensor;
  • Suitable for urban and rural settings (can work on 2G and wifi);
  • Plug & Play module, requires no rewiring, design change or technician assistance;
  • Suitable for any appliance upto 30 A load

Benefits to end customer

  • Convenience of having ability to remotely turn ON-OFF appliances
  • Cycling of power by utility leading to reduction in electricity bills
  • Prevention of energy wastage from un-attending appliance usage

Smart Irrigation

A project developed for a State Power Utility Company, primarily to address losses worth billions of dollars, faced by the company due to wastage of power by the farmers as a consequence of subsidy given to farmers by the government for irrigation. This project was executed in partnership with AutoGrid Systems Inc.

The losses were not only limited to power, but to the water as well as soil because the farmers tend to run their irrigation pumps carelessly/excessively due to the subsidy offered.

The Betty smart plug was customised to regulate power supply, acquire, transmit and analyse power usage data, get information about misuse, over use and wastages.

Benefits of Betty smart solutions:

Our smart solutions are designed to benefit farmers, Utility Service Providers and Industrial Units. The solution is being enhanced in scope to cover a wide range of nationwide "smart village solutions."

In particular our smart solutions provide the following:

  • Villages/Farmers: Enable farmers & utility company to run irrigation water pumps remotely thereby providing power at off peak hours enabling 50% subsidy savings
  • Industrial Units: Cut power peak load by 25% of non critical heavy load by monitoring and analysing consumption data, thereupon cycling of power and reducing electricity bills and transmission capex
  • Residential: By scheduling and remotely monitoring/controlling of home-appliances such as ACs, geysers etc. thereby reducing power bills for consumer as well as reduction in transmission capex

Summary of Features

  • Remotely turn On-OFF appliance(s) across the grid from a central location;
  • Employ energy usage data for optimizing power supply & demand management across grid;
  • Determine energy requirement at last mile across state, cities & villages;
  • Use analytics for accurate demand prediction;
  • Prevent wastage of power subsidies by optimally supplying power during off peak hours to targeted segments like rural irrigation water pumps;
  • Flexibility for numerous upgrades and enhancements for variety of automated solutions for smart cities, smart villages, smart enterprises/organisations and smart industries;
  • Determine real time appliance wise household energy consumption.
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