Smart Agriculture

Smart Irrigation

Using our Smart Irrigation solutions the farmers whose fields are invariably far away from their homes, and the rural electricity is also not available round the clock, can remotely operate their irrigation pump, monitor the health of their pumps, power consumption and get advance warning of any issues in case a pump starts drawing extra current. As an example, we have done a project with a state power utility company for a Smart rural irrigation project that involves soil moisture based remote operation of water pump sets that would benefit lacs of farmers & the state by saving electricity, water and even soil from over irrigation.

Smart Crop Management

Sowing of a crop in a field does not remain the same throughout the year or even year on year but depends upon many factors like the season, the soil condition and even the market demand. A farmer in india take this decision of selecting a crop entirely based on his personal experience which is not scientific.With the help of Smart Crop Management Solutions, Data Analytics are used to help the farmers to take decisions on the crop selection.

Smart Fertilizer / Pesticide Management

A similar philosophy of Data Analysis is used here also to decide on the appropriate usage of the fertilisers or the pesticides.

Smart Post Harvest Management

This solution is based on creating a portal to help the farmers to transport, quality checks, store, sale and delivery of their produce.

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